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By guest, Jul 22 2015 08:07PM

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Aug 18 2015 11:08PM by B Giglio

Are you open now, taking orders, etc?

Aug 24 2015 03:06AM by mammamiapi68441698

We are currently taking orders at our Hudson location. We are hoping to have our Port Richey location open real soon.

May 11 2016 03:20PM by DEBRA HUBERMAN

Hi, my name is Debbie,you will either see Linda Leavell or me Debra Huberman as a very loyal customer ordering from your place for over 10 years, the one in Hudson. Last night I ordered from New Port richey place because Ilive closer to that pizza place now and I ordered a xl xtra chs with 3x mushrooms and pepperoni. It was delivered to Banyan Senior living apts.under my moms name linda leavell. The pizza box was soaking wet falling apart, EVERY DROP OF THE CHEESE AND MEATS WERE ON THE SIDE OF THE BOX, IM DISABLED AND ON OXYGEN AND I WAS TOO SICK TO DO ANYTHING. IVE BEEN ORDERING FROM YOU A LONG TIME AND ONLY ONCE DID I HAVE TO SEND MY FOOD BACK AND OF COURSE ANTHONY TOOK CARE OF ME. THIS PIZZA WAS GOD AWFULL, WE PICKED AT IT AND GAVE UP. I WUD OF CALLED BUT I DIDNT WANT TO WAIT ANOTHER HOUR OR LONGER.IM VERY UPSET CUZ I SPEND LOTS OF MONEY AND ORDER MANY TIMES A MONTH. ALMOST 30 BUKS WITH TIP AND I HAVE A WET BOX WITH DOUGH THAT HAS NO CHEESE,SAUCE AND MEAT ON IT. IM NOT SAYING DONT EVER ORDER FROM MAMMA MIAS BECAUSE THEIR FOOD IS AWESOME. IM FROM NEW YORK AND I ONLY ORDER FROM HERE. BUT LAST NIGHT WAS BADDDD! I SHOULD OF THROWN MY MONEY IN THE GARBAGE. PLEASE MAKE THIS RIGHT.

Nov 14 2016 07:39PM by Debbie Zullo

I ordered an extra large veggie pizza Saturday night and I was soooooo disappointed!! The crust in the middle of the pizza was wet almost raw and the veggies and cheese weren't even sticking to the dough. I've had some absolutely delicious pizza from Mamma Mia's before and hope to get some in the future, but this one was terrible!!

Dec 17 2016 12:08AM by Carroll

Tonight I ordered a calzon Withextra Ricotta and meatball.I've been to your restaurant several times.Your pizza is good butThe calzone not so much.I had ordered extra ricotta.And it was flat as a pancake.The crust also seem to be prevailed.It wasn't crisp like it should be.You really need to step up your game.I realize you were busyBut consistent quality of the name of the game.Best of luck in the future.

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